Dr. Ulrike Waldhofen - Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie
Reconstructive Surgery Bad Kissingen

Reconstructive Surgery and Tumour Surgery

  • Resection and closure of tumours of the face (Basalioma, Spinalioma, Melanoma)
  • Resection and closure of defects in soft tissue of body and extremities
  • Scarring correction
  • Removal of lipomas, other benign tumours of the skin and soft tissue such as rare tumours of the nervs, tendons and blood vessels


Phone +49 971 / 78 57 400
Fax   +49 971 / 78 57 402


Dr. med. Ulrike Waldhofen
Kissinger Straße 150
97688 Bad Kissingen
(near HELIOS St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus)

city bus line 5,
bus stop St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus

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